We are Uncommon.


“Do the right things, for the right people, for the right reasons.”

In 2012 we started The Uncommon Gym with a few simple ideas that proved to be profound. It started with a hypothesis that there existed a better way to pursue health and fitness than the model the fitness industry had given us. Once we were in possession of information proving that hypothesis, we felt we had a duty to share it with our community, and from there we have not looked back.

Through constantly varying our training we addressed weak points in our bodies while simultaneously developing our mental and emotional resiliency. This demonstrated to be a critical element to developing the whole person. New things make you adapt and change. New things also make you face failure and work to overcome it, all while learning these lessons in a controlled atmosphere with coaches who live this example every day. Learning in a space void of ego and status opened our eyes to the power of putting yourself in the proper environment.

Change your environment, it will in turn change your behavior, your behavior will change your identity.

We quickly realized that this physical training was having a deep and meaningful impact on our whole self. We were building physical strength, but we were also building mental toughness and emotional resiliency. We were becoming better people through our physical training. From this early realization Uncommon has not strayed from this understanding. That physical training, with intensity gives you the quickest access to your mind. That our responsibility to our members and to ourselves is to develop the whole person. Body, mind, and spirit.

We have developed a nutrition program that is second to none. This program does not only address your food but also your sleep, your breathing, and your ability to handle stress. This has allowed us to teach people a new way of life. That your body is a system and that if you find yourself unable to control your nutrition then we must look at the entire you. In this whole person approach we have seen amazing outcomes for people. These positive long-lasting outcomes came from real lasting change. Not from a two week “challenge” that sells you appetite suppressants and meal replacements. These gimmicks do not last, and they demoralize and make people believe they are powerless to change without a product. That what is within them is insufficient and they are hopeless to find real lasting change, a change that brings peace. We reject that premise entirely and believe that everything you need to find balance and joy in your life already resides within you. You simply need to discover it and Uncommon has developed the tools to allow you find yourself. The food you eat, the air you breathe, and the movement of your body is the solution.

Many people have come and gone since opening our doors in 2012. However, I am sure all of them would proudly state that they are Uncommon. The community that exists within our four walls has filtered out into our local city, our country and even around the world. This is not the doing of one person but of a group of people who decided to invest in something bigger. That it is not about them, but it is about us. You feel the love, inclusivity, and genuine friendship at Uncommon. Ego’s and clicks do not survive in our community. We have the nerds and the jocks and the art crowd and whatever other identification you could find in a 90’s teen movie. We are all valued and respected equally, we are all part of this community, we are all Uncommon.

This is who we are, unashamedly so. We do not want everyone at Uncommon, but we need those who are willing to change and grow, who are willing to confront their inadequacies and build towards a greater vision of themselves. Maybe that is you.


Pete Deiwert