Peter Deiwert

Hello! I want to welcome you to Uncommon.


Peter D.

Owner and Head Coach

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Olympic Lifting
CrossFit Endurance and Running
CrossFit Gymnastics
USAW Level I Sports and Performance Coach

a little bit about me

It was in 2006 while serving in the Air Force that I first learned of CrossFit, but it wasn’t until 2008 after I had returned to Lafayette that I pursued it exclusively.  Crystal & I began training in our garage and in late 2009, I began training my family, friends and athletes out of that home garage gym.  That experience cultivated a deep desire to share this training methodology with as many people as possible and Uncommon was the result.  Early on, I was very involved in the sport of CrossFit from competing locally to judging at the CrossFit Games Regionals.  This involvement to help the sport grow continues at Uncommon by encouraging our member participation in the CrossFit Open. 

We opened up as in 2012 as CrossFit Uncommon and have since evolved into The Uncommon Gym with a vision to create a training environment focused on principles and not methodologies.  We do not want Uncommon to fit into a “box” – the human experience is meant for exploration and best met with principles.  At Uncommon we focus on teaching and incorporating principles.  Understanding the principles of movement vs different movement methods correlates to the idea of  “teaching a man to fish vs giving a man a fish.”  In our Group Classes we give you fish, methods which work because they are based on principles.  In assessments and individual/small group training we can teach you the principles.  Are these avenues the ones you should start with?  Possibly.  I know that joining our group classes, being accountable to a community and owning your nutrition works, so at minimum start that journey.  Then maybe, just maybe you will be ready to go down the rabbit hole with me. 

I currently coach two days of early morning Group Classes, these classes are the hub of Uncommon and I know the important role they play in our lives.  But for those who are ready to go down the “rabbit hole”, who are serious about the pursuit of true fitness which positively affects all aspects of life and are willing to invest their time and hard earned money, let’s go!  I get fired up and am driven personally by this pursuit.  I believe you need to understand fundamental movement patterns.  I coach knowing that you must act and not just listen to understand.