Jacob Watts

Hello! I want to welcome you to Uncommon.


Jacob W.

Group Class Head Coach, Teen Camp Coach

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

a little bit about me

My introduction to CrossFit was pretty typical. I played sports growing up and when I went to college (Boiler Up!) I knew I would need to stay active to avoid falling into any unhealthy habits. I did a variety of activities but everything got boring after a while. Then a friend introduced me to a group doing CrossFit on campus and I was hooked after one workout. The concept just made so much sense to me. Of course, I should be able to run fast over a decently long distance AND move decently heavy weight. Why pick just one?

That was the summer of 2012. I quickly discovered that there are many different areas in which someone could be strong or need improvement. I became very curious about why it worked so well and why CrossFit recommended that I eat a certain way. This led to me asking a ton of questions and, thankfully, Pete was there to answer those questions. I then had the thought one day that if I’m interested enough to ask all these questions, maybe I should pursue this as a career!

After changing course a couple times, I finished my BS at Purdue in Movement and Sport Science, worked for a year as a personal trainer, then completed my MS in Applied Sport Science at Indiana University. I have been working as a CrossFit coach ever since I left school and I still love it. In my opinion, CrossFit as a methodology is so effective, it almost does the work for us. So how do we tap into the almost guaranteed results of that program? That is where the coaches come in. The way I see it, our job is to:

  • Establish and cultivate a nurturing, supportive, and growth-minded community. This will ensure that anyone with genuine interest in becoming a better version of themselves will want to do it at our gym.
  • Be relentlessly compassionate and focused on the well-being of the client. This will help us earn their trust and prevent our egos from hindering the type of progress that is right for them.
  • Become experts in leading a class and coaching movement so that once the client feels safe and supported, they get the most out of their effort and they are able to train however they want for as long as they want.

At Uncommon, we pride ourselves on pursuing excellence in all of these areas, making this a truly Uncommon place!