Chad Maschinot

Hello! I want to welcome you to Uncommon.


Chad M.

Group Class Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

a little bit about me

Similar to many, I was introduced to CrossFit through a friend. I moved to Connecticut from KY in 2013 to pursue my PhD in Pharmaceutical Science at UConn. I initially got involved in intramurals and doing my own workouts at home or the Rec Center but I never really pushed myself. In 2015, a former roommate had joined a CrossFit gym and got me to come check it out at one of their free classes.  Safe to say, I was hooked after that. There is something very special about the community aspect of CrossFit.

I started my CrossFit journey Memorial Day of 2015 at CrossFit Thin Blue Line (now Silk City Fit), so my first group class workout after my foundations was “Murph” (which may explain a few things about me). I quickly grew to appreciate CrossFit’s methodology and approach to improve athletes both physically and mentally. Before I started my CrossFit journey, I would have never guessed I would enjoy gymnastics movements as much as I do. Maybe it is the demand for body-control and –awareness, or its just wanting to be a like kid and have fun with friends walking on our hands.

I joined The Uncommon Gym family in February of 2018 after completing my doctorate program and starting a post-doctoral position at Purdue. After my first workout, I knew Uncommon and its community was the place for me. I decided to get my CrossFit Level 1 certificate in 2018 with a desire to coach and gain a better understanding of my own movements. If you can’t (or aren’t willing to) analyze yourself than how can you truthfully analyze someone else? Luckily, the other Uncommon coaches share a similar approach and mindset where we look to fully understand our own movements to provide the best coaching and support for our members. This often means I get to embrace my scientist side!

I often find myself diving down rabbit holes and experimenting with new approaches and methods to better my own technique/understanding of a movement, and using that to better coach that specific movement. As a coach, my goal is to provide a safe space and supportive environment for all our members (young and old) to develop healthy habits, a strong positive mindset, and the physical ability/confidence to tackle any goal or challenge they may face – to be truly Uncommon in all that we do.