Caitlin McGaffick

Hello! I want to welcome you to Uncommon.


Caitlin M.

Group Class Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

a little bit about me

I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and I am currently a student in the nursing program at Purdue, expecting to graduate with my BSN in 2023. My personality is that of service, work ethic, and adaptability—three things that are necessary for both nursing and coaching. I genuinely enjoy helping others and learning something from every new experience. My dream to conduct cancer research is curiously interrelated to fitness and health, so I figured, why not excel at both? 

As long as I can remember, I have been highly competitive. I blame my older brother, who had absolutely no mercy on me when we played games as kids. However, my love of competition has presented me with numerous opportunities to learn and grow as an athlete and as a person.  Growing up, I played a variety of sports, but I focused on volleyball in high school, which I played year-round. I learned to work hard, to have grit, and to lead a team with a growth mindset.  After my senior season ended, I felt lost without my team and without the sport. That’s when I fell into CrossFit.

My dad began CrossFit in 2010, so I have been familiar with the methodology since I was young. I knew the people at our gym very well, so I became a member and got a job cleaning the facility soon after volleyball ended in 2018. In the following 8 months, I fell in love with the sport. I continually exceeded my expectations, and I became a stronger and more confident version of myself.  During my freshman year at Purdue, I had a disappointing experience training at the large recreation center with separated equipment and haughty people. I missed my CrossFit community and the unique capacity to train constantly varied functional movements at a high intensity. I had previously toyed with the idea of coaching, and this experience solidified my desire to leave my comfort zone and become a coach.

I received my certification in March 2020, just before the COVID-19 quarantine. When gyms opened back up in May, my CrossFit gym at home readily accepted me as a coach and an office assistant. All summer, I led many classes, gained exceptional experience, and engaged my passion to serve others.  Now that I am back at Purdue and I have been welcomed into the community at Uncommon, I am dedicated to continually learning how to improve myself and my skills. My priority is to support individuals in their health journey by being compassionate and caring, just as I practice in nursing. I am thankful to have Pete and Crystal as mentors as I continue to develop my personal character and coaching aptitude.

The Uncommon Gym is an inspiring place where your physical fitness and mental health are valued by every person who walks in the door, which makes for a truly Uncommon adventure!