What We Do Best

Since opening our doors in 2012 these foundational sessions have proven to prepare our members for our group classes.

These 4 one-hour sessions are designed for you whether you are brand new to fitness or a long time exerciser. We want you to have the best experience entering into our group classes which requires preparation.

Discuss The Whys

Come ready to start a conversation about your why for signing up. Don’t worry if you can’t pinpoint it yet. These sessions are designed to start a dialogue so we can assist you in coming up with a strong why.

During these sessions we will also spend time sharing with you Uncommon’s why, the purpose and intent behind our group class programming. We believe it is important you understand why we train the way we train.

Movement Patterns, Workout & Nutrition

You will be coached through basic movement patterns and shown how to tailor higher skilled movements to your current skill level.

Each session includes a workout incorporating the patterns practiced that day.

We will discuss very basics of nutrition during the 4 sessions. We want you to understand that the role of nutrition is as important (if not more important) than exercise. This is why we offer the Foundation+Nutrition Bundle. Yes, it is the more expensive option, but understanding the role of nutrition in a healthy lifestyle is vital to your long-term success.

Buy In & Transform

The discussion and understanding gained during the sessions help you to “buy-in” to the coaching and programming you will receive at Uncommon.

Buying in to the coaching and programming aligns your mind with your body, creating intent. Without intent you will put just your body through the motions. With intent you can transform you entire self.

We look forward to having you join the Uncommon community!

Choose Your Plan

There are two options to choose from: Foundation Sessions Only and a bundle of Foundation Sessions and a Nutrition Package.

While exercise is critical to your health, a proper understanding of nutrition plays a key component in your progress during the time you spend outside our doors. We have a full-time nutrition consultant on staff who would provide you with the tools you need to help educate you on what appropriate nutrition means and to get you moving in the right direction with creating some new nutrition habits.

Foundation Sessions

$199 one time payment
  • 4 1-Hour Sessions
  • 2 Weeks of Unlimited Group Classes

Foundation Sessions + Nutrition Package

$299 one time payment
  • 4 1-Hour Sessions & 2 Weeks of Unlimited Group Classes
  • Nutrition Package:
  • A half hour 1-on-1 session covering your current nutrition habits & goals
  • 4 Weekly check-ins with our on-staff nutrition coach
  • A 21-day course via an app on your phone
  • Daily accountability based on a habit-based approach


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