October 1, 2021 Jacob Watts

Maybe it’s because I’m a grizzled old man with a child (and another kid on the way!) but I’ve adopted a somewhat harsh attitude towards a very common phrase I hear people say all the time.

“Well, it’s better than nothing!” Ever heard that or said it yourself?

This applies to any version of that phrase. “You’re beating everyone on the couch!” or anything similar. Please understand that I say this opinion with all the love in my heart and an intense desire to help people truly improve their quality of life. Saying anything like these phrases is a death sentence. Please read that again.

An important note here is that I am specifically talking about the world of health and fitness. I understand that there are many circumstances in life which occur and people truly are doing the best they can just to get out of the house that day. I’m not talking about that. I’m not talking about the ways in which people get through a difficult situation. That is temporary. I’m talking about the habits that are developed over a period of years.

Saying that what you are doing is “better than nothing” is technically true. Walking the dog IS better than sitting around doing nothing. But the mistake in this thinking lies in the assumption that, because it is better than nothing, it will be sufficient to continue making improvements in your quality of life indefinitely. That is absolutely not the case. And this is why you, yes… YOU, need CrossFit. (or something like it)

You as an individual can only get so fast, strong, and lean. The human body is an amazing, adaptable organism. Whatever stimulus you introduce, your body will adapt. That’s why your muscles grow when you lift weights. Your body wants to be able to better handle that stress in the future, so it grows muscles that will be more up to the challenge. This is also why progressively heavier and heavier weights are needed to continue gaining strength. To bring us back to the walking example, if you go from doing nothing to walking a few times a week, your body will change as a result. Walking will become easier due to your body becoming more efficient at oxygen and CO2 exchange, your heart will get better at pumping blood, and your muscles will develop more endurance. But eventually those changes will plateau, just like everything else.

So, why CrossFit? Because our workouts change every day. This delays that plateau I talked about. I have been doing CrossFit for 9+ years and I’m still improving at things. You will be MUCH more likely to actually show up due to paying for professional, expert coaches and getting to do the workouts with a group. The final thing that sets CrossFit apart from anything else is the intensity. And this is why your casual 30 minutes on the elliptical and circuit on the machines isn’t good enough. Trust me when I say that I sympathize with people who are in this struggle. Your effort is there! But the results to show your effort are not. This is why CrossFit really works and most people’s routines do little to nothing for them. INTENSITY. This is just another way of saying that most of your workouts should be quite uncomfortable. If you are not getting uncomfortable then you are not giving your body anything “stressful” to which it has to adapt.

If you or somebody you know is frustrated with the lack of results, come see us. Chat with us. Reach out to us. We are experts at modifying workouts to fit anyone’s skill level. I mean ANYONE. If you think you’re too old, you’re not. If you think you need to get back in shape first, you don’t. If you think you will be laughed at or judged for be hilariously weak, you won’t. If you want to establish habits that will be GUARANTEED to improve your quality of life and help protect you from whatever surprises life might throw your way, we will help you.