August 31, 2021 The Uncommon Gym

Hey Friends – we are super stoked to announce we are moving our ONLINE Member Page to a new platform called Mighty Networks!

Some time in the next 24-48 hours you will be receiving a text and/or email with a unique link which will allow you to join “The Uncommon Gym Member Tribe” which is a Private Feed under the umbrella of “The Uncommon Gym Network” – similar to our setup now, we will have a public network and a private tribe for our members.

Once you login – there is a Welcome Post waiting for you explaining our WHY behind moving platforms & details about how the platform works along with the steps you need to take to get started. We are looking forward to a platform that allows all our members to join in the online interactions & announcements, not just our members who have a Facebook account.

Don’t worry – Mighty Networks has an app for your phone that will allow you easy access to the Member Page and setup notifications to your liking. (The Welcome Post has a link to download the app)

Over the next couple weeks, we will be posting in the Facebook Member Page reminding people to move over to the NEW Member Tribe and by mid-September will no longer post to our Member Page on Facebook. We will continue to operate & use our Public Facebook Page to announce our Bring a Friend to Class days and interact with the public.



  1. You need an Unlimited Membership to use Open Gym.  3x/week Membership is for Group Classes only.

    • Reminder that we are not an Open Gym gym.  We want to see you in class.  If you want to use Open Gym, remember you need to attend 3+ classes a week.
  2. Please RESERVE a spot in Open Gym – just like you do for a normal group class.
    • This is important.  If you do no reserve a spot & no one is signed up for Open Gym, it is subject to being cancelled from schedule.
  3. Regular Group Classes take priority over Open Gym use.  Equipment & gym space defaults to our scheduled group classes.
    • We have never been strict (nor do we want to be) in enforcing Open Gym use ONLY to the times we have designated in ZenPlanner.  Members using Open Gym, at times, run past the scheduled Open Gym time or we have had instances where someone uses the gym during a class time because that was the only time available (99% of the time the member has asked a coach prior to doing so).
    • This is just a reminder to Open Gym users that once a scheduled class starts that class take priority, so keep this in mind when you are programming your workout.  If you would like to use an area during class time, please discuss with the coach on duty prior to class and if the class does not need the area you are more than welcome to use it. 🙂


Monday – Friday:  7:30am – 8:30am

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:  1:00pm – 3:30/4:30pm (until first evening class starts)

Monday & Thursday:  6:30pm – 7:30pm

  1. For the 6:30pm time slot, if no one is signed up before 6:30pm – the coach on duty will begin to close up the gym.  Please do not just show up at 6:45pm and expect to use gym unless you have signed up before 6:30pm.  🙂
  2. To set expectations with the addition of Open Gym slots.  It is possible that a time slot will be removed from the schedule from time to time due to a conflict with a coach’s schedule.  So please make sure you check the schedule & sign up for the time slot before showing up to the gym.  If a time slot needs removed, we will announce it online as well as remove from ZenPlanner. 

First off we LOVE your kiddos and having the kiddos at the gym!  So this announcement is mainly just a reminder to insure we maintain the right balance between chaos and order during a scheduled group class. 🙂  As parents, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Pete or Crystal to discuss.

1. Clean up in Aisle 2!  We’ve noticed sucker sticks & wrappers gathering around the parallettes and drink/food containers left upstairs from time to time.  Parents before leaving the gym, please do a quick walk through & make sure you or your kiddo cleans up their trash.

2. It’s workout time!  Again we love having the kiddos running around the gym using their fitness, warming up along side their mom or dad (or both!), and we will continue to let them run “free” during certain portions of class.  Warm ups and cool downs – when barbells are not getting thrown around and kettlebells, dumbbells and/or people on the rig/rings aren’t swinging around – are a great time for the kiddos to be out & about the gym, but once Part A and Part B start the kiddos (especially the younger ones) need to stay either in a stroller, the children’s room or the athlete area.

  • This allows our coach on duty to be available to assist our members during the workout.
  • This allows all athletes to feel confident to go hard and not have to be concerned about a kiddo running through their workout area.
  • Parents – this is not directed at anyone – we have not had any problems up to now, this is just a reminder as we’ve had several Saturday morning workouts when we have a bunch of kiddos together and realize we need to send out a reminder to make sure everyone is on the same page and we maintain an appropriate balance between safety and fun for all parties involved.

To all our Uncommon parents – we think it is awesome you bring your kids and have them involved in your fitness journey.  It is so important for the next generation to see their parents working hard and taking care of themselves physically.  Keep up the good work.  We are here to support you and help however we can!  Again any questions or concerns – reach out!

We’ve also discussed adding a CrossFit Kid’s class once or twice a month during a Saturday morning class time slot.  If any parents would be interested in helping out, reach out to Jacob and let him know.