June 14, 2021 Jacob Watts

Our June 2021 Member Spotlight goes to….

Brie Cicirelli!!

Brie has been a member at Uncommon since February 2014!  She is one of our longest-standing members and integral to our Uncommon family!  She is in here day in and day out putting in the work!  We are glad to highlight her in our member spotlight!
Q1: What do you do for a living?

I currently work as a nurse in surgery. However, I’m planning to transition out of nursing within the next year or two.

Q2: How did you get into Crossfit?

Right after high school I moved to east Texas. It was there I discovered my love of movement. We would all wake up together (like 450 of us) and exercise together at 430 AM. I would take long runs in the woods in the afternoon. I found I could lose myself in movement like I was never able to before. It was when I lived in Texas a friend introduced me to CrossFit. I absolutely loved it. As fate would have it, when I moved back to Indiana I worked at the Starbucks Alec and Pete frequented, and here we are.

Q3: What is your favorite CF movement? Why?

Barbell squat cleans. I feel really strong when I do them. I love a good barbell cycling workout.

Q4: What is your least favorite CF movement? Why?

Bearcrawls. I am not a bear. I am not graceful on all fours.

Q5: What do you like most about Uncommon?

The people. Hands down. I love this place and the community it’s grow into. I can come in and be myself without worry. You don’t find many places like this. It’s home in so many ways.

Q6: What have you learned most about yourselves in the time that you have been members at Uncommon?
I’ve learned to embrace things that are difficult. I no longer look at things I perceive as kind of sucky as things to avoid or dread. I run straight towards them. I’ve reinforced time and time again that I cannot trust my initial responses to things that look too difficult. I will finish them. And I’ll pass out before I die. (It’s been 8 and a half years. I haven’t passed out yet.) I’ve also learned that no one cares what you’re doing during a workout – in a good way – we’re all giving our best for the day, and we’re all happy that other people are there with us to share the moment.
Q7: What are your guilty pleasures?

Hooka. Sled pushes. Middle-Eastern cuisine. Good makeup. Gelato. Cat videos. Diving deep into obscure subjects/theories.

Q8: How do you like to spend time together outside of the gym?

Taking long, sunset walks with Sarah. Playing guitar and singing my heart out to my cats. Good books, better coffee. Meaningful conversation. Finding someone and making them smile.

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