May 16, 2021 Jacob Watts

Our May 2021 Member Spotlight goes to….

Allie Paschen and Devin Yoder!!

Allie has been a member at Uncommon since July 2020 and Devin has been member since June 2020!!  These two find passion (no pun intended) and enthusiasm with all that they do inside the gym and outside!  They both have talents and hobbies outside of their 9-5, just ask them!  We are glad to highlight them in our member spotlight!
Q1: What do you do for a living?

A: I am a massage therapist! I own Wild Woman Massage

D: I install commercial and industrial HVAC systems for J.L. Anderson Heating and Cooling. Before COVID I also helped out with the Lafayette Jefferson Percussion Section.

Q2: How did you get into Crossfit?

A: My cousin has been a CrossFitter for YEARS. He has inspired my brother to start it who in turn inspired us! I knew we needed fictional fitness in our lives as Dev and I’s jobs are so physically demanding! We started looking at gyms and when Pete made a really raw and honest YouTube video after a scandal in the CrossFit community I knew we found the right gym.

D: My wife got me into it and now I enjoy it more than her.

Q3: What is your favorite CF movement? Why?

A: Rowing!!! When we have long rowing sessions I imagine myself actually out on the water. It’s my favorite “zen” movement that I can almost dip into a meditation in.

D: I love to snatch but my ET is very weak so all about the form right now.

Q4: What is your least favorite CF movement? Why?

A: Box jumps. Only because I psyche my self out of them way too easy!

D: Burpees, such a simple movement make the ground feel so far away for a 6 ft plus person.

Q5: What do you like most about Uncommon?

A: The Community! Every one genuinely cares for our well being. I’ve never felt more supported from people (outside of blood relatives) in my life.

D: The community and family feeling that everyone in there wants to see you succeed just as much as you want it yourself.

Q6: What have you learned most about yourselves in the time that you have been members at Uncommon?
A: That I AM capable of challenging things. That I CAN do tasks presented to me even if my mind tells me I can’t.
D:Showing up is the only hard part, once we’re there the atmosphere and people make the work easier.
Q7: What are your guilty pleasures?

A: S’mores, NCIS, and Avatar the Last Airbender marathons! We are big nerds hehe!

D: Chinese food always gets the best of us and we tend to over indulge.

Q8: How do you like to spend time together outside of the gym?

A: We love taking our two pups out and about for nature walks and camping. It’s nice to do everything as a family.

D: Most important to us currently are our fur babies, Fizzgig & Zeppelin. We love to go on trail walks with them and try to give them the best lives possible. We also really enjoy watching the office together after long days, it gets us laughing and helps unwind.

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