April 16, 2021 Jacob Watts



PRICE: $100 per team (1 person per team sign-up)




Hey everyone! Jacob here to talk to you about the upcoming 2021 Uncommon Buddy Bash. This is a same-sex partner competition that will give athletes a fun and unique competition environment, allow everyone participating to cultivate the sense of camaraderie that makes CrossFit special, and raise money for The Hanna Community Center.

Details are being finalized, but our current plan is for the funds raised from this competition to go towards sponsoring a select number of children who attend the Hanna Center. This sponsorship will allow them to receive workout clothes, attend a Summer Strength Camp here at The Uncommon Gym for FREE, transportation to and from the camp, and attend a post-camp celebration where food will be provided! We would love to sponsor at least 5 kids for this camp while also providing significant prizes for the winners. Therefore, our bare minimum goal is to get 20 teams signed up!

For each additional 10 teams we get over 20, we can sponsor another 5 kids for our Summer Strength Camp!

If we don’t reach 20 teams by the registration deadline of 5/22, we will have to potentially cancel the event.

We all know about the amazing positive impacts on physical and emotional health that CrossFit has had for us. Help us share those benefits with a kid who might not otherwise learn about them and change their lives forever!

To learn more specifics and register for the competition, check out the links below that correspond to the division in which you wish to compete:

We ask that you bring your own jump rope and any mobility/warm-up equipment such as, but not limited to, bands, foam rollers, lacrosse balls, ab-mats, crossover symmetries, and PVC pipes. For warm-ups athletes will have access to 2 ski-ergs, 6 Assault Bikes, and a warm-up area equipped with several bars, bumper plates, and various DB’s and KB’s.

Safety and cleanliness precautions taken will be:

  • Hand-sanitizer will be placed in various locations throughout the gym.
  • Equipment used for workouts will be sanitized between heats.
  • Sanitizing wipes will be provided in the warm-up area.
  • We have two large garage doors which will stay open (one at each end of the gym) to allow for the best possible air circulation.
  • Anyone wishing to set up an area for their stuff or to hang out with fellow competitors/attendees, we ask that you do so in the designated parking areas. Feel free to bring and set up tents.

We will release all workouts except the final leading up to the competition so be on the lookout for those videos very soon! A lot of effort is going into making this a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved so we hope you sign up and spread the word!

Click these images to learn more about the organizations we’re supporting!

NCC for Seniors | Northend Community Center

Indiana Minority Health Coalition - Area Five Agency, Logansport ...