2020 Winter Season Protocol Update

December 1, 2020
December 1, 2020 The Uncommon Gym
Happy Tuesday Uncommon!

Can you believe December is here already? I am having hard time comprehending. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know for many, it looked different than past years celebrations, but I hope we all were able to take time to reflect on the positives and voice our gratitude. 2020 will be a year for the history books. Let’s end the year dwelling on the people, places, and things we are grateful for and put forth effort to show that gratitude each day. Gratitude is a mental muscle. With each use we grow stronger. I am grateful for Uncommon and for all of you who make this community what it is. Each of us plays a part. A strong community is made up of strong individuals. Uncommon’s mission from day one has always been to create an environment where individuals can be held accountable, evolve/grow/recreate, and give. 2020 has tested the strength of this community and the words “thank you” do not have the energy I want to express to you all, but they will have to do at the moment. 🙂

In this post, I also wanted to take a moment to re-address COVID-19 as we enter the winter season. Heads up – this is on the lengthy side. My goal is to be as concise as possible. For my peeps whose attention span with this stuff is that of a toddler (no judgment here – I get it – this stuff can be extremely boring in nature) I have provided a summary and marked items in bold, if you can read through those I would greatly appreciate it. For my peeps who appreciate the details and the purpose of rules to provide some structure for a better group experience, thank you for reading & helping the group!

Side Note: For those interested in hearing our current thinking on COVID, Pete and/or I may put out a video soon, right now we want to discuss Uncommon’s protocols for mitigating risk entering into the winter, reporting positive cases & class schedule. But I do want to quickly share something I recently heard which made sense to me. And it may to you as well. It is called the “Swiss Cheese Model” and how it can be used to address COVID. The idea being that each protocol is a slice of swiss cheese – it is not flawless; in fact, it may have a few holes in it. But when you take multiple slices of swiss cheese and put them together you often plug a hole of the layer above it. So, protocols such as spatial distancing, masks, ventilation, less trips out and about (ie – less trips to the grocery store/week than normal), and notifications (contract tracing when possible) all are slices and add up. No one protocol is perfect, but together can possibly plug some holes and therefore mitigate the risk.
SwissCheese Respiratory Virus Interventions-ver3.0
But enough cheese talk, let’s get to the meat & potatoes of this post:
1. Reminder of Gym Entry Protocols
2. Updated Winter Protocols, Class & Open Gym Schedule
3. Reminder of what to do if you test positive
4. Our protocol when a positive case has been reported

#1:  Reminder of CURRENT Gym Entry Protocols

  • Do not enter the gym if you are showing ANY symptoms of the COVID or the flu.  If you are showing any type of symptom, just go get tested.  Take the high road (yes, it is a pain in the butt), but go get tested before coming into the gym.  This is a moment where you are considering your fellow Uncommoners and not just yourself.  
    • An epidemiology lesson of 2020.  A virus like the flu (and COVID-19) makes you sneeze so it can spread to those around you.  So, when we have (showing symptoms) of the flu, should we really come to the gym where we will be breathing heavy?  Or should we “self-quarantine” as much as possible or maintain distance and wear a mask to mitigate the spread when not possible.  Before 2020, I am not sure how many of us thought about this.
  • Upon entering gym – please use hand sanitizing station and maintain social distancing.
    • If your kiddos come to gym with you, please make sure they are either in the kid’s room or athlete area while class is in session. 
    • Find a square to make your home for the hour. We have 16 8×8 squares in the main gym and auxiliary area.
    • We will continue to do our best to program workouts that minimize crossing squares, sharing equipment.
  • At end of class – wipe down all equipment (including pull-up rig if used) with wipes after use and mop your square.
    • You all have done a great job of this since we re-opened in May!


#2: UPDATED WINTER PROTOCOLS: Starting December 1st.

  • AIR FILTERS: We added box fans with MERV-13 filters around the gym to help filter air since we will be decreasing the time bay doors are open.
    • Up to this point, since re-opening in late May, the weather has been an ally in our defense and mitigation of the risk evolved with COVID-19. Since we are now entering into colder months which means we won’t be opening of the bay doors fully, which will reduce air flow we wanted to look at options that will help filter the air even if just a small percentage.
  • DRESS WARM: We will be cracking the bay door & running exhaust fan during heavy breathing portion of workout for air flow purposes.
  • ADDITIONAL OPEN GYM SLOTS:  We have added slots throughout the week that max at 4 people.  These times are added for those that have a flexible schedule and/or want to minimize the number of people at the gym while they are working out.
    • You must still reserve a spot for these times just like a class time.
    • This is not a coached time slot, but we will have a warm-up on the board for you to follow.
  • CLASS SCHEDULE (WEEKDAY):  There will be no waitlists available.  Please show up only if you have a reservation.  Classes will be limited to 14 people to allow for ample room.  All classes (except early morning 5:15am & 6:30am, which will remain at 9 hours before class) you will now be able to unreserve up to 30 minutes before class.  So, if a class shows full, you can check up to 30 minutes before class to see if someone unreserves.
  • THURSDAYS: We are adding the 5:30pm class back to Thursday & changing the 6:30pm to an Open Gym time slot.  The 6:30pm class on Thursday has not been well attended so we will try this format for at least the month of December.
  • SATURDAYS: We will keep the limit to 16 people.  Again, no waitlist, so please do not show up without a reservation.  Classes will continue to be 45 minutes in duration, but we are adjusting class start times to allow for more transition time and limit the number of people in the gym at one time.
    • 6:30am / 8:00am / 9:00am
    • 7:15am Open Gym
    • If all these classes are regularly full, we will consider adding a 10:00am class.



  • Please notify us as soon as you find out (same day ideally) so we can notify those who have been in class with you.



  • An email is sent to those who attended a class with the person who test positive. We send out emails from the date the person was tested.  
  • We do not share the name of who tested positive.  We want to keep the privacy of individual.
    • If you are the person who tests positive, our hope is that you will reach out personally to those you are close to and are not practicing spatial distancing.
  • If you are practicing spatial distancing and you receive the email, we are not expecting you to get tested to come back to class.  BUT if you are not practicing spatial distancing then consider if you should get tested.
If you made it to the end – thank you for reading! 🙂