November 29, 2020 Jacob Watts

As I sit here writing this I can just look around and list a crap-ton of things for which I am thankful. My amazing, beautiful wife is feeding my amazing, beautiful son. We’re sitting in a nice house that is big enough to host family, which we did last night. We both have jobs to go to tomorrow, which is much less of a certainty now than it was last year. But since this is for the Uncommon community I’ll tell you how thankful I am for you guys.

The obvious first one on the list is probably all of yours too. I am thankful as HELL that Pete and Crystal had the gumption to say they wanted something different in their life when it came to training and building relationships. I’m certain that they would do things differently at some points if they could go back but who wouldn’t? Despite this, I’m also certain that if you were to find them at any point along this journey, they would be doing their absolute best given the information they had at the time. Ask any crossfitter what’s so great about CrossFit and they’ll tell you the community is what keeps them coming back. Pete and Crystal are responsible for the foundation of ours. Ask any Uncommoner who has dropped in at another gym (which I highly recommend you do!) and they’ll tell you that other gyms are nice, the people are nice, but it’s just not quite like Uncommon. We have Pete and Crystal to thank for that.

I’m thankful that I just so happened to discover and try CrossFit for the first time right when Pete and Crystal opened up Uncommon over 8 years ago. When I found CrossFit I was still pretty unsure of what path to take for a job, let alone a career. I’m thankful that Uncommon eventually had an opening for a full-time employee and I’m very thankful that Pete and Crystal have had the willingness and patience to mentor me into becoming a better coach for the last 4 years.

None of this would matter and Uncommon wouldn’t have lasted this long if it wasn’t for all the people who walked through the doors to join. Everyone, whether they spent a month with us or they are still here from the very beginning, has helped make this into the community that it is. As I have personally come into a more prominent role I have felt more ownership of what goes on in and around the community and I can honestly say that I want to be a part of this place for as long as it exists. I get to interact with and help amazing people every day. I hate that I’m about to use the most over-used phrase of 2020 but, things have been crazy this year. I’m so thankful that I have a place that allows me to escape most of what is going on and actually focus on doing something that matters. Personally helping people fix themselves and improve their quality of life.

So thank you to all of you guys who happen to be reading this. This place wouldn’t still be going without you. You all not only took a leap by joining in the first place, trying something new and scary, and not only have you all stuck with this commitment and grown by leaps, but you’ve also become the example for new people to look towards. When people say “Ugh, tomorrow’s Monday…” or “Oh my god how is it only Wednesday? This week is forever long!” I genuinely cannot relate to what they’re saying. I can sympathize with them because I know that many people feel that way. But I certainly cannot empathize with them because I LOOK FORWARD to each week. That is 100% because of all you wonderful folks that make up the Uncommon community.

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday/break/weekend and, as always, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!