August 3, 2020 Jackie Fisher


I had decided to change my diet several years ago because I was constantly having bladder infections and kidney stones due eating a lot of sodium, not drinking water, etc.


I had recently joined to Uncommon community, and I was starting to feel less scared of the WODs. One of my friends talked to me about the challenge and how it had changed her life. I was, unsure about it because, in my mind, I had already changed my diet and was “healthy”. After several conversation with myself, I decided I wanted to see how healthy I was actually eating.


I had been always “skinny” but not very healthy about my nutrition. I also wanted to be a good example to my son Max. He is 20 months old, and I wanted to provide what he needed while breastfeeding. He wants to do and eat everything that I do, so It was hard for me to say, “don’t drink pop because is bad for you,” while knowing that I was ok drinking it myself. I want to change my ways so I am able to help my family to create healthy ways themselves.


Initially, I was very positive about the challenge. I was motivated and scared at the same time. I didn’t realize that the challenge was not just about nutrition. It was a about changing your lifestyle entirely. The difficulty started when I stopped drinking pop after drinking it all my LIFE!


It was crazy at the beginning; the first days were rough, and every day was different. I had different barriers. The first was making conscious decisions about my eating choices. I also had to make time to prep my food, make sure I continued to work out, work my job, and take care of my house, while carrying the sleep deprivation that comes from taking care of my son.


I worked very hard every day, and then the pandemic started. I was very negative at the beginning thinking about the fact that I couldn’t find toilet paper!! How will I find fresh food? Even while going through all these thoughts, I decided to keep trying and find creative ways to eat well.


My next challenge was reducing screen time. This, was the hardest for me, as I ALWAYS go onto some kind of electronic before bed. For so long, I was just happy to sleep 4 hours and thought I was functional. I had good days and bad days. I had times that I was ready to give up, but I was committed to doing my best.


I learned to open my mind to a challenge, to listen to my body, and to try. I learned that even in the middle of hard times you can be committed to do your best. I was not expecting a pandemic, but I continued to change the way that I see food. I try to make conscious decisions about what I eat and when. I am aware that when I am stressed because I want to eat ice cream.  When I want to celebrate, I want to have a huge meal.


After several months since SMERF, I..

  • Make a list of meals and ingredients I need
  • Make sure I drink enough water
  • Eat veggies everyday
  • Increase time that I sleep as possible (when you have toddler waking up all night is a given)
  • Accept my struggle of using electronics constantly and how much harder I need to work on this
  • Work on changing the mentality of, “I already ate something bad so let’s eat 20 more.”

My Advice:

Give yourself the opportunity to learn about yourself. This challenge is not just about learning how to eat healthy. It is about changing your lifestyle, making choices, and taking responsibility for them.

You can always make improvements in your health and being healthy does not measure in terms of the pounds that you weigh. Connect your body AND with your mind and you will see changes.

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